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In his own words as quoted by Jade Russell in The Tribune 14 September 2022:

“There’s no such thing as marital rape in the Bible or on our law books.

 “A woman does not have the right to withhold sex from her husband, except for prayer and fasting, if he agrees. Likewise a man. Sexual relations is a key part of the marriage covenant. Those that hate sex or don’t love their partners should never get married.

 “A man has absolutely no right to physically or sexually abuse his wife. I believe that when you get to the point that your wife doesn’t want you sexually, you should bow out gracefully rather than forcing her, even though you have a right to her body.

“Rape laws are not for husbands and wives” and that no government or legislator has the authority to change the law of the “Most High.”

“Marital rape is a non-issue and is a part of the evil plans of CEDAW and the United Nations, who have their deceived agents in place around the world attempting to change the laws of God on marriage, homosexuality and gender identity.”