JUSTICE JEANNE THJOMPSON SAYS: Eggs on our faces over travel ban reversal

27 July 2020 Dear Editor, On July 22, The Bahamas government banned all commercial flights to The Bahamas save for those originating in the United Kingdom, the European Union and Canada. This meant that commercial flights emanating from the USA, where most of our tourists come from, would not be allowed. In an attempt at […]

Justice Jeanne Thompson Recants On Her Praise Of The FNM On Covid 19

At the beginning of our unwelcome journey through the problem which is COVID-19, I felt comfortable and safe. We had a well-respected doctor as our minister of health, and a prime minister who had, as a previous minister of heath, guided us through other serious epidemics. We also had a fantastic health team headed by […]

Justice Jeanne Thompson The Contrarian

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE24th March 2020 The comments in today’s media attributed to the Attorney General are, with all due respect, inaccurate, misplaced and a misstatement on the position of the PLP regarding the government’s response and handling of the COVID-19 health threat. Contrary to Mr. Bethel’s opinion, the record is clear that the Opposition always […]


You can think or consider the former Justice Jeanne Thompson as an iconoclast not in the cynical way of Dr. Ian Strachan of the University of The Bahamas but literally someone who likes to attack the icons of our life.  So one would expect that no matter what government is in office it is only […]