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best cialis times, discount viagra serif; color: #000000;”>(But what was the point of it and can the wound heal?) 

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There were two rallies on Thursday 7th July in Nassau.  Both of them were FNM rallies. One was in favour of Dr. Hubert Minnis, the incumbent Leader of the FNM and Leader of the Opposition. The other was for Loretta Butler Turner, who is trying to unseat him for the second time in half a year.  They went head to head and at the same time. The verdict, Dr. Minnis bested her in the numbers game.  She doesn’t have a chance if the crowds are to be believed.  They had fun we are sure.  Here is what we ask: what is the point of all of this, when it is all over and the dust has settled?  Can the wounds of all the angry words and bad feelings of this campaign settle in order to face the PLP with their script in hand, just repeating the words of the FNM about themselves?  What a thing?