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Bahamas Educators Counsellors and Allied Workers Union (BECAWU) signed an agreement with the Bahamas Government led by the Ministry of the Public Service’s Labour Unit to cover an industrial agreement for line staff teachers in Grand Bahama on Friday 5 August 2022. The union is a breakaway from the troublesome Belinda Wilson’s Bahamas Union of Teachers.  The BUT under Mrs. Wilson is constantly losing members because she is too contentious, does not know when to give, and is always fighting when no fight is necessary.  The result is the teachers in Grand Bahama decided to break away and they have now signed a deal with the Government.  We are advised that the nurses are next.  Then the middle management union for the teachers as well.  Let us hope that the progress toward industrial peace continues.  We congratulate Rev. James Palacious, Lester Turnquest, and the head of the unit Bernard Evans for their work in bringing this to a conclusion.