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Nice picture but because of traffic jams it took two hours to get there 21 September 2022 in New York city at the U S President’s cocktail reception

When Perry Christie was Prime Minister of The Bahamas, he invited George Bush, then President of the United States to come to Nassau.  Mr. Bush said to Mr. Christie: “ Are you sure that you want me to come there because you know that I travel with 1200 security people?”  That is what you call over kill. The security for the American President. That overkill was on full display at the United Nations in New York city all last week.

You have to ask yourself as you see the pack of  vehicles and people and ambulances and gun toting men, what on God’s earth does that do to make sure that the man who is President is safe?

 All you have to do is look back at the footage of Ronald Reagan as he left a function shortly after he became President.  So despite all the security, a man with a gun was able to get off six shots hitting the President and almost mortally wounding him before the first security guard could pull their weapons.  They were all over the place but long after the shots were fired.

Interesting but certainly seems more is not better.  What you think is one day they are going to shoot themselves with all these folks running into one another.

In fact once during the departure of the Bush  entourage from one of the U N meetings, they almost ran into the back of the presidential limo because they were moving so fast, someone was not paying attention.

So if you were in New York city last week, it was simply a nightmare of passes like in a police state, and cars were grinding to a halt.  The Prime Minister of The Bahamas was invited to the cocktail party of Mr. Biden on Wednesday night 21 September but  even though he left in what should have been plenty of time, it took himself and Mrs. Davis two hours and half to get to their destination that was less than two miles away.

Ludicrous. And this happens every year.

Surely the  United States can be more efficient at organizing this annual ritual. But  it seems that is the way it’s always going to be. It just comes off as ridiculous.