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It is with some concern and it would be amusement if this matter were not so serious that we view recent events in the United States.  It is no secret that we opposed the election of Donald Trump to the office of President of the United States. He was unfit for our office in our view.  He has proven since he has occupied the office to be unfit for office.  Worse and more serious than all of that is that the people who are now in power seem to have lost their moral compass, if they have had any at all.  They also seem not to have a sufficient appreciation for the balancing act which is modern government today, and that though byzantine, it is important to work through the system if we are to accomplish societal progress.  You cannot simply throw out the baby with the bath water. So now, the President of the United States fresh into his mandate, not yet 100 days in office, was unable to pull off the most fundamental campaign promise of this election, that of repealing what they call Obamacare. They so hated the President Barrack Obama that they wanted to wipe it off the face of the map.  Then they imploded in their own disagreements and intransigence.  So what does that tell the world?  It tells the world that Mr Tump does not even control his own government.  That is a serious matter and one which should concern us all. This is the most powerful nation on earth.  This nation is supposed to be the moral conscience of the world, the moral compass, and the shining outpost that shows us how to behave and how to conduct ourselves.  Instead we have at the helm hard hearted, greedy business types who will ruin the environment, scorch the earth to make money, and make deals with the crook who is running Russia all for the sake of money.  This is really shameful.  Meanwhile, The Bahamas is being lectured on governance and human rights by this very same country. What a desolation!