The picture of the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest are pictured at the state funeral for the late Chief Justice Stephen Isaacs in Christ Church Cathedral on 7 September in Nassau. Dr. Minnis looks totally out of it and lost. Peter Turnquest is having a look at his phone. […]


Both Dwayne Sands picture above, the Minister of Health and Marvin Dames, the Minister for National Security should be dismissed if they do not resign within the next week.  It has been disclosed by cogent evidence in the courts that they interfered with the trial and evidence in the cases brought against former Senator Frank […]


The Minister of Works Desmond Bannister was at it again last week blaming the PLP for the nonsense which the FNM has done.  According to Desmond Bannister, the reason why the Andre Rodgers Baseball stadium rebuilding was not going along was because the PLP designed it badly, that it was disaster in terms of costs […]

Freeport News Savages The Government Decision On Our Lucaya

People are wondering what’s gotten in Fred Sturrup the Editor of the Freeport News in Grand Bahama.  For the past two weeks, he has been savaging the FNM over the purchase of the Grand Lucayan Hotel.  On Friday 7 September he savaged them over the plans for West Grand Bahama and the Bahama Bay Project.  […]

Bernard Adderley In Long Island Savages Adrian Gibson MP

You should have heard the voice note going around of FNM General from Deadman’s Cay Bernard Adderley cursing out his lousy MP Adrian Gibson.  Mr. Adderley claimed that Mr. Gibson trashed his reputation by saying that the only reason he is disgruntled is because Mr. Adderley did not get a Senate seat and 30 acres […]

BPL Union Says No Foreign Workers

Union Chief for the line staff workers at Bahamas Power and Light Paul Maynard raised the alarm at the company when foreign workers showed up at the Clifton plant to maintain the engines which he claimed are to be abandoned and replaced.  This was done after dismissing Bahamians who were working for BPL at a […]

What The U S Had To Say Bout Brave Davis

The Punch ran a false and defamatory story about the Leader of the Opposition Philip Davis.  The Leader announced legal action. The story said that the US found him unacceptable and that this came from the mouth of former Leader of the PLP Perry Christie.  Perhaps Mr. Christie ought to issue a statement clarifying this.  […]