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A Visit To Boston And Martha’s Vineyard

10/02/22 9:33 AM

Fred Mitchell MP posted this on FB: Thank you to Jen Dames of Rolle Town, Exuma now married and living with her husband Mike in Cape Cod. I spent the day with them and took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard and capped it off with chicken souse fixed by her mom Mary Dames. Exuma abroad. Great stuff. 26 September 2022


PLP Bermuda Gives A Gift To PLP Bahamas

10/02/22 9:29 AM

Chris Famous MP PLP Bermuda visited the U N to observe Prime Minister Philip Davis’ address on 24 September 2022. Later that evening he presented the Prime Minister with PLP paraphernalia from the party in Bermuda with Fred Mitchell. 24 September 2022


A Curious Photo With Janet Bostwick And The FNMs On FB

10/02/22 9:24 AM

This photo appeared on What’s App.  It is some kind of FNM celebration.  Hugs and kisses in the front for Dame Janet Bostwick from the Leader of the Party Michael Pintard. But what we found interesting is the Iago like figure slinking in the background with an evil eye for the front line.  Is that  Hubert Minnis, former Prime Minister, of which we speak? Moral of the story: Mr. Pintard keep your eyes on that man.


Marking The 293rd Anniversary of the House of Assembly

10/02/22 9:20 AM

On Thursday 29th September 2022, the Parliament of The Bahamas marked with a luncheon at Atlantis, for all present and former MPs, the 293rd anniversary of the establishment of the House of Assembly back in 1729 by Woodes Rogers, the then Royal Governor.  It has met continuously since then.  At the time, only white men over the age of 21 with property could participate.  Then black men and then women after 1962.  Dame Janet Bostwick became the first woman to be elected in 1982.  The photos show all the living Prime Ministers: Hubert Ingraham. Hubert Minnis,  Philip Davis, Perry Christie. The women now in the House in the photo are: Pia Glover Rolle, Lisa Rahming, JoBeth Coleby Davis, Glenys Hanna Martin, Ginger Moxey and Leslia Miller Brice.