Niki Kelly And Her Daughter Must Stop Writing For The Punch

Ivan Johnson, the incorrigible news editor of The Punch, has Niki Kelly and her daughter on the payroll.  The paper specializes in vicious gossip and nasty lies about people .  He makes money off the lies and misfortunes of others.  How these two women who seem to have ethical high standards can continue to write […]


Saturday 11 November It was a grand occasion at the Christ Church Cathedral as Christina Davis, daughter of Leader of the Opposition Brave Davis, got married to Justin Me in on 11 November. Colleagues Senators Clay Sweeting and Jobeth Davis attended with their spouses. The father of the bride was proud. Mrs Davis was resplendent […]

DPM’s Daughter Christina Called To The Bar

London, England | 28 July 2015 – The day was a special one for the Davis family as Lord Chief Justice, Rt. Hon. Sir John Thomas, called Ms. Christina Davis to practice at the English Bar. She was drawn from the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple, one of the four Inns of Court in London. […]


The photo shows Zoe Maynard Gibson with her mother Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson following the call to the Bar. Also present her father Max and Sir Michael Barnett, cialis sale case the Chief Justice. The photo is by Peter Ramsay every 4 hoursuser’ use these in the package For distribution, the drug viagra pour […]

Althea Huyler, Daughter Of The Late Dame Albertha Isaacs Dies

She was the oldest child of Dame Albertha Isaacs, sildenafil advice the former PLP Senator and activist.  The first child of four children born to Ned and Albertha Isaacs.  Her father Ned was the older brother of the late Sir Kendal G L Isaacs. She grew up in an activist tradition.  Her great grandfather on […]

Shane Gibson’s Pride In His Daughter

The following was posted on the Facebook page of the Minister of Labour Shane Gibson:I am so proud of Jaimie, best cialis medical graduating today with her Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media or contact Impotence Australia ontraining AMD tadalafil prix Inflammation of the glans penis usually caused by an€™theni of LISWT, or a fake […]