09/10/17 9 AM

There is the hurricane. It has certain physical elements. The wind speed. The howls of the wind. The surge of the tide. The full moon maybe. The rain. The floods. Those facts are bad enough. But in the modern era there is something else at work.

In the pre-Columbian days, the Arawaks, Tainos, Lucayans simply sat and accepted the weather. They knew about hurricanes because the word we are told comes from their language. Presumably they knew how to survive them because they were here at the time Columbus stumbled upon the beach in Watlings.

In this modern era though there is another thing at work that creates more fear than the event itself. Panic even. That is the media coverage and the television tracking of the satellite images. The storms are given names, so people think of them as personalities. The American and other media of course milk this for the great entertainment that it is. Just think of the irony of the reporters telling you to stay out of the high winds, rain and flood waters but they are there in the very thing that they say is so dangerous.

The people are glued to the television sets, the chat groups, Facebook and Instagram. Where is the storm now? Where is it going to turn next? Each person predicting where the storm is going to turn. It’s not coming to The Bahamas. The prayer warriors are busy and they are saying it should go to Cuba, as if the Cuban people don’t need to be spared the wrath of God.

One wife warned her husband to put the bloody computer down and stop obsessing over the storm and simply go to sleep.

The panic was huge even in the technologically equipped United States. The Miami Airport was like a zoo with people running up and down. Fights schedules being cancelled. It was like ants who suspect that flooding is coming, people en masse were running away from the storm.

After the scenes of Hurricane Harvey in Texas and all the flooding; in The Bahamas after the scenes of devastation of Joaquim and Matthew and before that Wilma, Francis, Michelle and Jean, no one was taking any chances and people wanted to get the hell out of dodge. The FNM Government obliged them airlifting them to Nassau from Inagua, Mayaguana, Acklins, Crooked, Ragged, Long and Bimini. The capital was crowded with folks running from the storm.

They had also seen the devastation in St John, Tortola, Barbuda, and St Martin. This was not play-play.

Our point here though is that the coverage is overkill. It unnecessarily panics people. It’s serious but not a cause for panic. We live in a bloody hurricane zone. These things happen. If we would all invest in proper buildings and enforce the building codes, there would be no reason to be concerned at all about hurricanes.

Well we dodged a bullet this time again. Dr. Hubert Minnis and his FNM government would like to take credit for it. They had nothing to do with it. The public servants actually keep the thing going and nature does the rest. Minnis and his crew are just here for the ride and to shamelessly take advantage of the good publicity which makes them seem like miracle workers instead of the crude bozos that they are.

Of course the PLP did the same thing that this crew is doing. They did for Hurricane Matthew last year. As we know, the PLP lost the election and lost badly. What’s the lesson in that?

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday 9 September, 2017 up to midnight: 332,487;
Number of hits for the month of September up to Saturday 9 September, 2017 up to midnight: 392,560;
Number of hits for the year 2017 up to Saturday 9 September, 2017 up to midnight: 9,112,402.

Michael Missick In Turks And Caicos Is. Post Hurricane Irma

09/10/17 9 AM

The following was posted by the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands on his Facebook page 8 September:

It is unacceptable that that the Premier and the government has not visited The Hardest hit Areas of the country 12 hours after the Storm has passed. There is no word from Grand Turk, South Caicos, North and Middle Caicos and Salt Cay. We don’t not know the fate of our Brothers and Sisters in those islands. The Government should have Charter a plane or a helicopter to do an areal survey of the islands. Btw. Where is he Police Plane?? Immediately after the passing of Hurricane Ike myself, Floyd Hall and other Minister was on the ground in Grand Turk and all the islands to access the damage and set up food and water distribution centre in the islands that was most effected. We began the clean-up and the recovery immediately. In Providenciales it is unacceptable and unsafe that 12 hours after the storm has pass there has been no attempt to remove not a single pole from the roads including dangerous poles still lying on leeward Highway. What are we waiting on to begin pumping the water of the road and removing the poles? A British warship that will only come here for a photo shoot. I call on the government let’s begin the clean-up and recovery tomorrow so we can save our beautiful country. Let us know tomorrow what is the situation in the other islands. We are a resilient people we will recover and bounce back. We have lost a day already. Let’s us not waste anymore time. #nowisthetime


10/16/16 9 AM

There is a lot of carping and complaining about the fact that the power company has been unable to bring the lights on 12 days after the Hurricane Matthew hit New Providence island. Nicolette Bethel, discount cialis the former Director of Culture, and now a lecturer at the College of The Bahamas, wrote quite an erudite letter about it. We agree.

When you passed people’s homes ten days or more into the storm and they have no power, they are pissed off to no end. The politicians get the brunt of it. The people want the power on and they want it on now. They see their neighbours in lights and they in the next road don’t have any “current”.

We think that it’s over done and overblown and the reaction is a bit over the top. Unfortunately, the reaction is what it is for the purposes of public policy and the officials have to figure out what went wrong with this.

Last week, we told this post that the issue is too much chatter and not enough action. This is a society that simply likes to meet and assess but just won’t get about the business of doing something about it. Hopefully with Shane Gibson at the helm of the relief effort, this will change.

The facts are there was a category five hurricane last week in some parts of The Bahamas. The winds in New Providence were clocked at 125 miles per hour, putting it slightly less than category four but there was a significant tidal surge in the southern part of the island. The winds in Grand Bahama were clocked at 155 miles per hour and sustained over four hours and that snapped 1250 poles and dashed the infrastructure of homes, roads and telephones. They are flat on their asses in a bad way.

It is going to take years to recover if at all.

The Government says it is going to raise now 150 million dollars by bond not 35 million as we had previously reported. Where are we going to find the money to pay for it? Some tax or fee must be levied on the citizenry in order to settle this bill.

What is interesting though is the air of unreality amongst Bahamian citizens about dealing with this all
You hear all the time how what has happened is incredible and unbelievable. Why we ask? This is a hurricane zone. Hurricanes will come every year. In 1866 before there were no cars and electricity and jets and telephones, the town of Nassau was absolutely flattened to the ground when a hurricane hit here. People survived.

So our point is get used to it. The fact is no one died. The fact is this it was a tribute to our engineering and building code standards. It is clear that if we stick by those we should basically be okay. Where people have built in a surge zone, they need to think about new codes for those areas that force people to build above a certain level.

The power company has a lot to answer for. We know what the answer is. BEC, the old power company was broke for years. It has a debt of 600 million dollars that it can’t pay. They were deferring maintenance in order to simply keep people on the pay roll and the engines running. The poles are old, the transformers are old. The engines are old, the workers are old and the whole sector is behind the eight ball. Hopefully these folks at BPL can get a chance to jump start. Their beginning has been inauspicious. They are now known in the Bahamas as Black Out Power And Light.

Bottom line. There will be hurricanes. The way to deal with them is to be prepared. The next way is psychologically get used to the fact that this is a hurricane zone and aint a thing we can do about it. Suck it up and move one.

Number of hits or the week ending Saturday 15 October 2016 up to midnight: 161,844;
Number of hits for the month of October up to Saturday 15 October at midnight: 414,571;
Number of hits for the year 2016 up to Saturday 15 October 2016 up to midnight: 10,352,605.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs On Hurricane Relief Fund

10/16/16 9 AM

Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
On The Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund

For Immediate Release

13 October 2016

As a result of an inaccurate and unauthorized social media post by one of our staff members concerning the legitimacy of the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund, cialis usa the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to reaffirm the authenticity of this Fund. We requested the unauthorized post to be taken down and we have been informed that it has been removed. However, buy cialis shared copies may still appear on line.

In our press statement released on the 12th of October we advised persons in the United States who wish to make tax exempt donations towards the hurricane relief effort to do so via the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund. For the avoidance of doubt, we repeat the statement.

We stand by our previous statement and today we again advise persons who are US citizens or residents and who wish to make tax exempt contributions to the hurricane fund, may make donations via the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund. This is a legitimate organization playing an important role within the post Hurricane Matthew relief and restoration effort.

Any questions or concerns about donating to the relief effort can be sent to:

Again The Ministry takes this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, generosity and expressions of support.


Hurricane Is Coming

10/02/16 1 AM


The Bahamas Government sent a Bahamasair jet to pick up Bahamian students out of Kingston and harm’s way of Hurricane Matthew said to be a category 4 storm with winds of 150 miles per hour.  The following statement was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs last night:

UPDATED ADVISORY — From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs On Hurricane Matthew For Students In Jamaica 

For Immediate Release

BahamasAir Flight from Kingston, viagra generic Jamaica at 9:00pm Tonight

01 October, generic cialis 2016

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to inform Parents of students studying in Jamaica, as well as students themselves, that a BahamasAir flight will depart from Norman Manley International Airport at 9:00pm Tonight, in Kingston Jamaica. Persons are asked to be at the airport at least two (2) hours prior to departure (6:00pm).

The Jamaican Government and the education institutions have assured the Bahamas Government that all the necessary safety precautions are in place in preparation of the hurricane for those who choose to stay.

Persons wishing to join this flight are asked to contact the Honorary Consul Ms. Alvita Knight immediately at Telephone:876 997 0249, email: You will be asked to provide names and date of birth.

Students and parents  can also visit the Ministry’s  website  or Facebook  page at:


Warnings for Students In Jamaica and Cuba

UPDATED ADVISORY — From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs On Hurricane Matthew For Students In Cuba

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
On Hurricane Matthew For Students In Cuba
For Immediate Release

30 September 2016

Further to its earlier advisory for students in Jamaica, The Ministry has also been monitoring the development of Hurricane Matthew with respect to Cuba. Hurricane Matthew is expected to impact the eastern part of Cuba, where there are a few Bahamian students. The Ministry will be in continuous contact with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Meteorological Department for further developments due to the storm.

The Ministry has taken note of the protocols and measures put in place by the Government of Cuba to ensure the safety and well-being of all persons in Cuba, nationals and foreigners alike, and urges all Bahamians to play close attention to the directives of the Government of Cuba to ensure their safety. Bahamians students who are studying in or living in Cuba can be assured that their safety is the Bahamian Government’s priority. Parents, Guardians and the wider public can be assured that the necessary protocols, through the Government of Government will be followed to ensure all Bahamians are safe and secure.

For emergency situations within Cuba, Bahamians can contact our Embassy, Amb Alma Adams,, or at 011 537 206 9918/9919 – Ext 114, 011 535 263 0838, 011 535 263 1986 and 1 305 921 0274. If any student feel that there is an immediate concern, please contact the Embassy Immediately. Students and parents can also visit the Ministry’s website or Facebook page at: and

The Ministry will continue to monitor the matter and keep the Bahamian public updated.


Advisory From
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
On Hurricane Matthew For Students In Jamaica
For Immediate Release

30 September 2016

Parents of students studying in Jamaica, as well as students themselves, have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration about Hurricane Matthew and the apparent course toward Jamaica.

The Ministry has been monitoring the development of Hurricane Matthew. and the Ministry will be in continuous contact with the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Meteorological Department for further developments due to the storm.

The Ministry has taken note of the possible directional course of Hurricane Matthew. The many Bahamians students who are studying in Jamaica can be assured that their safety is the Bahamian Government’s priority. Parents, Guardians and the wider public can be assured that the necessary protocols, through the Government of Jamaica will be followed to ensure all Bahamians are safe and secure.

Bahamian students are urged to take the necessary precautions and prepare for the storm as required and directed by Jamaican authorities. For emergency situations within Jamaica, Bahamians can contact our Honorary Consul Ms. Alvita Knight at or at 876 997 0249. Students and parents can also visit the Ministry’s website or Facebook page at:

The Ministry will continue to monitor the matter and keep the Bahamian public updated.



10/18/15 1 AM

viagra generic stuff times;”>plp_donate 

discount cialis viagra times;”>15th October 2015
cure times;”>From Bradley B. Roberts

Progressive Liberal Party

The Bahamas has always taken great pride in being a Christian nation and has never been shy about expressing the fact that we are our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper.

Hurricane Joaquin is not the first hurricane to create a stumbling block to our national development but history has shown that each time The Bahamas was knocked down we have collectively turn the stumbling block into a stepping stone by getting up and emerging even stronger and better. This recent tragedy and our current national rebuilding, recovery and restorative undertaking will be no different.


So in a spirit of charity, goodwill and in tribute to that courageous and indomitable spirit that defines the Bahamian people, I present the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, with a check in the amount of $50,000 to assist with the ongoing relief efforts.

Additionally, I take this opportunity to thank all those you have actively participated in this impressive national relief effort and make another clarion appeal to those who have not yet joined this movement of love and sharing, to please become a part of this national relief and rebuilding effort on behalf of our affected brothers and sisters in the central and southern Bahamas during their time of trial, difficulty and great need. It is the right thing to do.

It is written, ‘Love thy neighbor and thyself.’

It is also written that what we have done unto the least among our brethren, we have done unto God. These principles of love form the foundation of our Christian teachings.

Today it is me but tomorrow it could be you.

Thank you

Photo taken by : Mr. Torell Glinton


10/18/15 12 AM

best cialis rx times;”>pm_meeting
cheap times;”>Prime Minister Perry Christie announced on Wednesday 14th October that he had taken personal charge of the hurricane relief effort but had put in place a highly trained and experienced technical officer to help organize the effort.  With that former Director of Works Melanie Roach became the czar for hurricane  relief.  The Prime Minister made the announcement at his office on Wednesday 7th October.  The photo is by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services. From left Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis, the Prime Minister,  the DG of Tourism Joy Jibrilu, National Security Minister Bernard Nottage and in the background is Kevin Basden of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, Melanie Roach, Hurricane Relief Czar and Barbara Burros, PS at Social Services.


10/05/15 11 AM

cialis buy cheap times;”>stella

viagra usa sales times;”>At Stella Maris, Long Island 


In Moss Town , Exuma

The Bahamas was awash with rumours today and yesterday as the hurricane went off into the north  and into infamy.  The reports of 30 dead and 8 dead are false.  The Prime Minister and a political and technical team went to some of the affected areas on Saturday 3rd October.  The photos are by Peter Ramsay of the Bahamas Information Services


10/04/15 6 AM

cialis canada view times;”>The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has provided the following initial report based on contact with the islands:

viagra sales see times;”>Acklins: flooding has been reported, ask significant flooding reported in Snug Corner and Mason’s Bay. Five houses were destroyed in Mason’s Bay, and four in Snug Corner; but there no injuries reported. All residents were accounted for in the visited settlements. Power outages have been reported.

Crooked Island: Attempts are still being undertaken to establish communication.

Mayaguana: the wind has settled with not much damage to structures other than loss of roof shingles; communications is still available

Long Island: Power outages have been reported, private wells were reportedly contaminated, roads were impassable, and there was complete structural damages to many homes. It is estimated that the northern part of the island is under four (4) feet of water.

In the following islands, 215 persons were reported to be sheltered: San Salvador (72), Harbour Island: (21), Eleuthera (81),. Cat Island (9), Rum Cay (32).

Shelters were also activated in Crooked Island, Exuma and Mangrove Cay.

NEMA has requested the following initial assistance:

Emergency shelter.
Aerial Reconnaissance
Damage Assessment support in the South and Central Bahamas
Electricity Restoration
Water and Sewerage restoration

All of the relevant government and non-governmental agencies, including the Bahamas Red Cross and US Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), of The Bahamas are standing by to do a rapid assessment as soon as the weather permits and NEMA will be advising the public on an ongoing basis as to all efforts to bring relief to the affected areas.


10/04/15 6 AM

discount cialis purchase times;”>On Saturday 3rd October after four days of pounding by wind, ampoule rain and the sea from Hurricane Jaoquim, together with a spring tide because of a full moon, the Southern Bahamas was subjected to a review of the damage.  It is considerable.  It includes roofs gone, significant flooding and well devastation.  There was also an 800 foot ship lost at sea which up to the upload time they have not been able to find. The  U S Coastguard were out in the weather conditions rescuing people from the wind and rain.  Some 16 people were saved as a result of the work of the US Coastguard.   Here were some of the early pictures from San Salvador and Long  Island.  Social media played an important role in keeping people in touch but the telecommunications systems failed us again during the storm.  The country again asked the question that despite all the assurances, the country seemed woefully unprepared for what ensued.

San Salvador:

Courtesy of Kevin Tomlinson’s  Facebook page:






Long Island

Courtesy Loretta Butler Turner’s Facebook page:









The Hurricane That Was Erika

08/30/15 2 PM

viagra there times;”>Despite the dire warnings last week, decease the deaths in Dominica and the closing of schools in The Bahamas for another week, the rush on the grocery store, all in vain.  There will be no  hurricane.  It has gone far to the south of us although the weather people say there will be plenty of rain  We shall see.  But thank goodness. The new path for the storm was taken from The Tribune: