The Sad Saga Of The Nassau Christmas Tree

The comment about the badly decorated tree There is certainly a political sign when people tell you that you cannot even choose and decorate the national Christmas tree correctly.  Such is the dilemma that the FNM found itself in last week when they  mounted a Christmas tree said to have cost 32,000 dollars and the […]

U S Diplomat Warns Us About China: Why Don’t They Mind Their Business?

Why do you think that the American government cannot mind their own business? An American diplomat one of the right wing’s school of conspiracy theorists was in Nassau last week to talk about hurricane relief. So the press asks him about China.  Instead of just shutting up and saying the relations between third parties and […]


The question everyone is asking and in answer to which all FNMs from the Hubert Minnis own down are blind, deaf and dumb, is how is that a man who is obviously a damn fool, wacky in the extreme, a crooked bad a criminal, continuing to be on the public payroll dissing officials of the country and there appears to be no one who can govern him?

Press Conference Answering Marvin Dames

From the Nassau Guardian: 6 December 2019 Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Fred Mitchell said yesterday that Minister of National Security Marvin Dames must address concerns the party has with investigative practices in the country. Mitchell was responding to Dames’ defense of Assistant Superintendent of Police Debra Thompson. During the bribery trial of former PLP […]


The following letter first appeared in The Tribune by Attorney Andrew Allen. He called for the removal of Justices Carolita Bethel and Indra Charles from the bench both of them are accused of not stepping up to the plate in the Shane Gibson case: 1 December 2019 EDITOR, The Tribune Anyone doubting that the present […]