MP South Eleuthera Embarrasses Himself | Monday 16 December 2019

Hank Johnson was a man possessed.  He was upset because Fred Mitchell, the Chairman of the PLP, was in his constituency and sent out a voice note explaining how an MP, unamend, had directed the executives of a foreign company not to stay at a business establishment owned by PLPs and not to eat at […]

The Former Fr. Prosper (Proper Name Leslie) Burrows Dies In Freeport

When you see this picture of Leslie Burrows and you saw him as  he moved about Freeport, you would not believe that the Freeport personality was the same man.  When he descended upon the students of St Augustine’s College in Nassau in 1968, 1969 or thereabouts, he was a cause celebre.  He was hired a […]

Marvin Dames: The Tight Pants Minister |Where Is Kelly Burrows When We Need Him?

There is a homosexual slur that goes around town which folk use to discredit public officials and that is having young men working for and with you who wear tight pants in the public mix. The fact is it’s the fashion and wearing tight pants and straight leg trousers has nothing to with sexuality.  But […]

Rumour About No Pay In The Public Service Denied

Candia Dames, the Managing Editor of The Nassau Guardian was forced to send out a note denying that she had posted a note on Facebook saying that the expected 1400 dollar lump sum payment due for public servants on Friday 20 December 2019 would not be paid. Turns out someone had photoshopped her image from […]