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Comment of the week


01/22/23 11:53 AM

You can hardly open a newspaper these days without seeing some statement or other from the Leader of the Opposition.  He has an opinion on this or that.  You know what they say about opinions, like a butt hole everyone has one. Michael Pintard is clearly fighting for his life and fighting to be relevant to the times. He has accused the government of all kinds of nefarious things, using the rubric of illegality or unlawful behaviour to couch his attacks.

The Government’s trip to Bermuda was unlawful he said.  He said that the Government’s award of contracts was unlawful.  He said that the Public Accounts Committee is going to examine all sorts of things including the trip to Bermuda and the award of unlawful contracts.

Our opinion though and yes we have one, is that Michael Pintard will not be Leader of the Opposition much longer. He has bigger fish to fry if he wishes to save his soul.  He has Dr. Hubert Minnis, the former Prime Minister, busy nipping at his heels, just waiting for one more FNM MP to cross over and he has got the majority to get the leadership of the Opposition in Parliament.

Of course, that would be a  fool’s errand on his part but he is a fool so what more do you expect?

Our job though is to make sure that the current Leader of the Opposition, whoever that is,  gets no farther than he is today.

So we agree with the Chairman of the PLP: no trip taken by the PLP government anywhere was unlawful or illegal. No contract issued by the PLP while in office has been illegal or unlawful.

There is a maxim: he who asserts must prove,  Michael Pintard cannot beyond his bald assertion prove anything. He has no proof just a big mouth.

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 21st January, 2023 up to midnight: 528,838;
Number of hits for the month of January up to Saturday, 21st January, 2023 up to midnight; 1,179,644;
Number of hits for the year 2023 up to Saturday, 21st January, 2023 up to midnight: 1,179,644.





01/22/23 11:49 AM

18 January 2023

Bethel Baptist Church

Meeting Street

Obie Wilchcombe, Glenys Hanna Martin, Ryan Pinder, Chester Cooper, Patricia Deveaux and at the back Michael Halkitis

Barry Griffin, McKell Bonamy, Jamahl Strachan and Kirk Cornish

Pia Glover Rolle, Ginger Moxey, Zane Lightbourne, Jomo Campbell, Shannondon Cartwright, Adrian White, Leroy Major



01/22/23 11:45 AM

18 January 2023 

WASHINGTON, D.C., 17 January 20223 – Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis met earlier today with Vice President Kamala Harris at The White House to discuss a number of issues facing The Bahamas and the wider Caribbean region.

The United States reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening partnerships with The Bahamas and with the nations and the people of The Caribbean.

In discussing items relating to the bilateral relationship between The Bahamas and the United States, the Prime Minister and the Vice President emphasized the importance of both strengthening efforts to combat illegal maritime migration and reducing the flow of guns illegally entering The Bahamas from the United States.

The Prime Minister also raised the importance of reinstating pre-clearance facilities in Grand Bahama, a critical step to support the island’s economic recovery.

The discussion widened to cover a number of regional issues, including food and energy security, and efforts to combat climate change.

As Chairman of CARICOM, the Prime Minister believes it is important for the United States and other partners in the hemisphere to support Haitian-led efforts to stabilize that country and find a path forward out of the crisis.

The principal reason for the Prime Minister’s current visit to D.C. is a protocolary meeting on Wednesday, February 18, by the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the Hall of the Americas at OAS headquarters at 17th Street & Constitution Avenue, N.W., to receive the Prime Minister, who assumed the chairmanship of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) for the next six months on Sunday, January 1, 2023.

One Tuesday night, the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell attended a reception hosted by the Embassy of The Bahamas and the Bahamas Embassy Consular Annex for Bahamians in the diaspora. 



01/22/23 11:42 AM

Prime Minister Philip Davis will travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina for the  Community of Latin America and the Caribbeans States (CELAC) Summit. While there he will lead the challenge again on Climate Change as our number one Foreign Policy issue.  He will be accompanied by Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell from 24 to 26 January. The Minister of Transport JoBeth Coleby Davis and Executives of the Bahamas Maritime Authority will join the delegation in promoting the BMA’s interests in Argentina. 



01/22/23 11:38 AM

On 15 January 2023, Adam Tooze of the website Foreign Policy. Com and Director of the European Institute at Columbia University became the latest to weigh in on The Bahamas and its reputation as a financial services sector.  Again doom and gloom: although the article is laced with what appears to be an attempt at balance,  The problem is that it is full of half-truths and innuendo.  The Bahamas suffered no reputational damage and suffers none because of FTX.  What is being done is American and European publications are trying to savage the reputation of the country but it has had no effect.  Money like water finds its own level.  In ten years, in fact, next week, no one will remember FTX at all.



01/22/23 11:31 AM

Last week, the business of the Cabinet and the Office of the Prime Minister was interrupted because Lincoln Bain, the one-half of the Bobbsey Twits, was outside leading a demonstration on false information that there is a crisis of immigration in the country and so the staff and the Cabinet had to enter the back of the building.  What a shame.  The PLP refuses to deal with this fellow once and for all.  He is an imp, the devil in disguise, and should be in jail for incitement.  What’s going on here?  Civil Society is just as bad as the PLP in the limp response to this miscreant.  The Catholic Bishop Patrick Pinder and the President of the Christian Council Delton Fernander should open their mouths and denounce this demagoguery and incitement.  But there is silence.



01/22/23 11:26 AM

Every time Fred Mitchell has something to say that is reported in the press, isn’t it remarkable that the former Justice Jeanne Thompson has some rejoinder?  She is able to get in the press right away.  So last week the Chairman of the PLP was speaking to PLPs in a voice note after the outburst of Dame Marguerite Pindling, telling PLPs that sometimes mature politicians and public figures don’t know when to go quietly into that good night.  Dame Marguerite being one of them. Only to have former and retired Justice Jeanne Thompson stop her knitting at home to ask Mr. Mitchell if he is going to take his own advice.  Here is what one of our correspondents had to say in response to Justice Thompson’s intervention: “ Something is wrong with that Jeanne Thompson woman.  She must have a crush on Fred Mitchell given her level of batshit animosity.”


Letters to the editor


In passing


01/22/23 11:23 AM

In a chat group called New & Political War Room, there is someone with the cognomen Political Refugees with the telephone number 804-3940  who was offended by the voice note by the PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell telling the FNM they have to change their evil ways. Instead of seeking counterarguments, the individual resorted to what is always the last refuge of a scoundrel, personal attacks.  They seem to know a lot about the private life of the man they are attacking.  But we always say when people have this preoccupation, the headline tells you they have one of two problems, a small penis or a slack pum pum.  The comment was not only stupid, it was laughable.  What an asshole. These are the people who support the FNM: ignoramuses with nothing in their heads but nastiness. Don’t worry another cut-ass is coming for the FNM.  You say whatever nastiness you like.  Interestingly enough, not one person rose to defend the Chairman or the issues that were raised.  This is the problem the PLP has.  Its members just seem to wilt in silence.  Not good.


Viola “Ola” Rahming Doc Rahming’s Widow Dies

01/22/23 11:10 AM

Her husband was Leon “ Doc” Rahming.  He was a pioneer in the busing business, with the Economy Jitney franchise.  It provided a good living for his wife and large family.  When he died, Mama as she was called, or Ola as she was also called led the household of eh children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.  It was a gathering place for business and family life.  Sadly too her kith has gone out on 6 January 2023.  She died peacefully at home in the Valley, just a stone’s throw from Rhodes Memorial Church at the age of 89.  May she rest in peace. She was buried at St George’s Church in the Valley on Saturday 21 January 2023


Leonard “Brave” Stuart Dies

01/22/23 11:07 AM

Of the living and the dead, apart from perhaps Augustine Roberts, you could find no one more dedicated to Bimini and its people and development than Leornard  Brave Stuart together with Fred Mitchell, they kept the Glenda’s Road Race going in memory of their mutual friend the late Glenn Rolle.  He had just raised over 200,000 dollars in support and aide for Bimini, upgrading the basketball court, and providing garbage bins for the whole township.  He had more plans to go. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 67 on 10 January 2023, leaving his wife and family stunned and a  community heartbroken.  A man in his sixties, dead for no good reason that we know of.  He will be dearly missed by the people of Bimini.  Gone but not forgotten. Rest in peace.


Mitchell In Guyana

01/22/23 11:05 AM

Fred Mitchell with former President and now Vice President of Guyana Barratt Jagdeo at dinner in Georgetown, Exuma with David Allens, Amber Ferguson, Irvin Brown, Creswell Sturrup. 19 January 2023

Fred Mitchell with the Bahamian delegation at the Community Council meeting of Caricom in Georgetown, Guyana 19 January 2023 with Kemico Sands, Nickeva Eve, Creswell Sturrup Amber Ferguson, David Allens, and Irvin Brown. 19 January 2023

Fred Mitchell as he chaired the Community Council of Caricom, its second highest body, in Georgetown, Guyana on 19 January 2023 with ASG Allison Drayton, SG Carla Barnett, and DSG Armstrong Alexis.

Fred Mitchell meets with The Bahamas Honorary Consul in Guyana Azzar Hannif and Foreign Service Officer Nickeva Eve. 19 January 2023


Fred Mitchell At OAS In Washington DC

01/22/23 11:01 AM

Prime Minister Philip Davis with Ambassador Chet Neymour, Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell, and Ambassador Wendall Jones at the bust of Sir Lynden O Pindling at the Organization of American States in Washington DC on the occasion of the Prime Minister’s address to the OAS. 18 January 2023

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