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Comment of the week


10/03/21 1:13 PM

When Philip Davis took over the reins of the Government, he was surrounded n the privacy of the Governor General’s office at Montagu by a few trusted counsellors.  There was no media but there were a few private cameras.  That was Saturday 18 September 2021 and he had just arrived from his constituency in Cat Island.

The Governor General administered the oath and that was that.

The new Prime Minister did that because in this country there is no interregnum  There is no transition period. You are in one day and out the next. And until the new Prime Minister is sworn in, the last Prime Minister and this Cabinet have the power of executive action.

How do we know?  Well the last in living memory there was such an issue was when Lynden Pindling took over the reins of office in 1967.  The election took place on 10 January 1967.  He assumed power on 9 February 1967.  That was almost a month later.  That meant that the last Premier Sir Roland Symonette and his Cabinet continued to rule the country.

This time, there were stories about how the last Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was busy executing last minute actions as he went out the door. So one story is that  on the day of the general election itself, the former Prime Minister gave an instruction to his Permanent Secretary to say that one of the FNM’s leading ideologues should be placed on the permanent and pensionable.  The Permanent Secretary deferred. 

Well since that time, there are a number of obstacles in the way, who should really resign because they are political appointments.  They have not, so they will have to be removed. That is how the transition of power goes. Ministers will have to watch very carefully because there are poisoned pills all around. However, the work will and must get done.




10/03/21 1:36 PM

Bob Marley sang that a hungry man is an angry man. You can see the evidence of that with the general election done, but the problem of hunger and poverty in The Bahamas exacerbated by the mismanagement of the socials services ministry and the support for the hungry under Hubert Minnis.  Each week since the election, MPs have been deluged with cries for help for food.  Let’s get his problem solved.



10/03/21 1:26 PM

Debt to GDP

National Debt

The first thing the new Government has to or had to decide is what to do about the money that the country needs to keep running.  That required a look see at what the last administration had done. Rumours abounded that they had agreed to a loan at exorbitant interest rates and one that tied the country to raising the VAT rates.  So the FNM went into attack mode and said that the PLP could not fulfil its promises to lower the VAT rate. That is false. The point is though, the  loan should be renegotiated. The interest rate does not seem right and the parties involved in the  actual negotiations of the loan seemed like family and friends. Would such existing arrangements be in the best interest of The Bahamas?  We should know shortly what the new government intends to so.



10/03/21 1:16 PM

According to the FNM, the reason that there is onslaught of Haitians coming to The Bahamas is because the PLP held a reception for Bahamians of Haitian descent in Fox Hill to encourage them to vote for the PLP. They say that sent out an invitation for all to come from Haiti.  This is nonsense. The evidence does not support it. The Haitian migration problem has been a long standing one from 1804.  It is not a new issue. Has nothing to do with the campaign to invite Bahamians of Haitian descent to vote PLP. Remember people that only Bahamians voted in the last election not Haitians or any other nationality.  More Bahamians voted for the PLP than voted for the FNM. That is how the PLP won the election.



10/03/21 1:14 PM

Last week, the Free National Movement and its partisans were busy trying to spread panic in the population because Haitian migrants were on the move up The Bahamas chain, trying to get to the United States.  The weather is good, there is physical collapse in Haiti and no government, so this is a prefect recipe for smugglers.  It is not a new problem.  It is a predicable problem. The problem is that despite us as country having to deal with this for over 200 years, people still do not seem to be able to manage what is happening. Anyway, by week’s end the Ministers of Defence Wayne Munroe and Immigration Keith Bell had managed with Bahamasair to get 510 out and another 500 will go out today or tomorrow. So let’s keep calm, avoid the xenophobia and simply put these people back on the plane and send them back home.  There was lots of talk about the PLP’s decision to end the ban of travel from Haiti.  This is really because Bahamians have been stuck there and cannot come home. But never mind that many FNMs said, let them stay there. So much for standing up for Bahamians.



10/03/21 1:32 PM

 One of the most odious individuals in the last regime, that of Hubert Minnis, who once served as President of the Senate Kay Forbes Smith and then went to get the salary of 150 k as head of the Disaster Relief Agency , has finally submitted her resignation. It is probably the one gracious thing she has done in her pubic life. She posted this letter on social media.



10/03/21 1:24 PM

Tribune image

At one point there were some 510 people in the detention facilities in Inagua. There were some 500 more on boats either headed for The Bahamas or on Bahamian Defence Force vessels waiting arrest procedures. It looked for a while like an invasion. The FNM went into full attack mode, suggesting that this rather routine migration problem was some sort of emergency.  It was certainly urgent but not destabilizing.  Of course it had to be managed. The people of Inagua were quite upset that these numbers were on their shores and using their facilities.  Mainly though it was a financial issue because the last time such an emergency happened the FNM government left without paying their bills.  This time hopefully that won’t happen.  By weeks end the first 500 were gone. The next five hundred are to be sent out within days. There are more on the way but as fast as they come, the Haitian government must respect their obligation to accept their citizens back home. The first group was sent out on 2 October 2021


Letters to the editor


In passing

PM Expresses Condolences On The Passing Of Former Customs Controller

10/03/21 1:57 PM

27 September 2021

My government and I note with sadness the passing of John Rolle early this morning.

Mr. Rolle was a career public servant who served the Bahamas government and our country with distinction. He rose through the ranks at the Bahamas Customs Department, achieving the rank of Comptroller.

He is credited with leading many of the reforms, upgrades and the modernization of the country’s principal revenue collection and administrative infrastructure. Mr. Rolle is also distinguished with being that department’s longest serving Comptroller.

He will forever be seen as one of the shining examples and success stories of the country’s Bahamianization policy.

My government thanks Mr. Rolle for his long serving and dedicated public service as he transitions into eternity.

While he will be sorely missed, the indelible imprint and impact of his excellent work will be felt and seen for many years to come.

On behalf of my wife, Ann Marie, the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. I. Chester Cooper, my Cabinet colleagues and my Parliamentary caucus, I express heartfelt condolences to the Rolle family on his passing.

May he rest in peace.


UN Meetings

10/03/21 1:51 PM

Prime Minister’s reception for the diplomatic corps 25 September 2021 Le Bernadin

Fred Mitchell Minister of Foreign Affairs with Prime Minister Philip Davis, Marva Mitchell, and Zoe Clarke

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs with Prime Minister Philip Davis and the Ambassador to the UN for South Africa.

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs with Prime Minister Philip Davis and Kamina Johnson Smith, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jamaica

Prime Minister Philip Davis with Secretary General United Nations and Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Reception for Bahamian community and embassy staff by Prime Minister Davis at Tudor City

Prime Minister Philip Davis with Minister of Foreign Affairs Luckner Joseph of Haiti at the UN on 25 September 2021

Fred Mitchell MP with Linda Thomas Greenfield, U S Ambassador to the UN Friday 24 September 2021

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, with  Professor Jeffery Sachs of Columbia University 24 September 2021 at Bahamas Embassy New York

Prime Minister Philip Davis with Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados and Fred Mitchell, Foreign Minister 24 September 2021


A Thank You Trip To Freeport

10/03/21 1:45 PM

Monday 27 September 2021

Fred Mitchell MP with Tenisha Tynes, Mario Donato, Chala Cartwright, Brian Seymour, Laquay Laing, Dashie Williams,  Rev. Keith Russell, Kevin Tomlinson, Nat Williams, Gilbert Kemp, Al Dillette and Fr. Oswald Ferguson

Fred Mitchell MP with Mario Donato

Fred Mitchell MP with Rev. Keith Russell


The Funeral For Pastor Timothy Stewart

10/03/21 1:38 PM

1 October 2021

Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs, greets the widow of Rev Timothy Stewart Sharon at the funeral on Friday 1 October 2021 at Bethel Baptist Church.  Photo by Woody Woodside

Viewing the body Fred Mitchell Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2 October 2021

With Gandhi Pinder, Fred Mitchell, Rev. Ivan Butler and Rev. Mcfall

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