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With the tepid announcement last week that the police found no evidence of wrongdoing in what was widely described as a corrupt and an abuse of state power by the newly elected FNM government in the arrest and detention of over eight BAIC employees including its chairman, there are talks that the commissioner did not authorize the arrests – that the order of intimidation came from the political directorate.

This is odd because there was no Minister of National Security on the 11th May 2017 so who in the FNM was giving orders and who on the police force were accepting these orders? It is important and instructive to point out yet again that it is corrupt to use official agencies of the state to execute the political persecutorial activities of the political directorate of any government. Former National Security Minister the Hon. Cynthia ‘Mother’ Pratt preached the doctrine of neutrality on the police force. There are rumblings in the public domain that the current National Security Minister is interfering with the day to day operations of the police force. The public cannot afford to lose confidence in its principal law enforcement agency. Law Enforcement Officers are to resist any and all appearances of political interference and instructions contrary to the Police Act and force orders. The social stability of a nation is predicated to a great extent on a neutral law enforcement agency and a neutral judiciary.

Further, with much injury done to the reputation of those wrongly accused, arrested and detained, there is no apology forthcoming from the FNM government. The Prime Minister insisted he had nothing to do with the arrests and that he presides over an honest and transparent government. The National Security Minister was mute and the media was disinterested in investigating this unusual and irregular use of state power. The handling of the BAIC matter was political intimidation, pure and simple. That is not the manner in which reported theft by reason of employment is handled. There is no precedent for it.

And where is Dame Joan Sawyer, the clergy, the media, talk show hosts and political pundits who just literally days ago were all clamoring for Mr. Christie and the PLP to apologize to the nation for everything under the sun? Apparently, they all lost their collective voice so their call for the PLP to apologize was driven strictly by politics and not based on principle. Ah well. Do we have that many cats in The Bahamas?! Nobody standing up on a point of principle anymore?! Go figure.

Many of these same people are participating in some big-time conference on “GOOD GOVERNANCE” yet could not recognize good governance if it stared them in the face.

Is the FNM government arrogant? You bet they are very arrogant because in their minds, they are never wrong and when things go horribly wrong in the country under their watch, it is never their fault; just read the Finance Minister’s response to Moody’s downgrade notification.

The arrest and detention of the former Environment and Housing Minister Kenred Dorsett is a continuation of the FNM’s practice of political vilification and demonization. Senator Mitchell told a group of Liberal Caucus members last week that the FNM is exercising their brand of political power. The leader of the PLP characterized it as “victor’s justice.”

We have seen this story before with commissions of inquiry being held after the 1992 and 1997 general elections where great state resources were used to vilify the PLP and no evidence of wrongdoing was discovered.

The actions of the FNM government has absolutely nothing to do with justice or cleaning up corruption in government because the PM is a self-dealer; his Tourism Minister confessed to defrauding the Customs Department; Minnis claimed the LOI scandal was a game changer; his Culture Minister resigned from the senate after being caught in a murder for hire plot and the Florida State Supreme Court ruled that the FNM member for Golden Gates was guilty of impropriety in the handling of his client’s funds.

How does Prime Minister Minnis propose to reconcile his anti-corruption stand with the number of ethically challenged and compromised characters that comprise his cabinet and parliamentary caucus? I propose that he simply cannot so this exercise at great taxpayer expense is a farce designed only to achieve a decidedly narrow, selfish and partisan political objective.


Bahamas Scoop


11/27/16 9 AM

The FNM planned and executed the Black Friday March. Their leaders were all there to be seen. Shameless.

So everyone is vex “to ratid “as the satirist on Facebook C A Newry would say. Vex because the PM wouldn’t agree to meet with them.  Then vex because he did agree to meet with them.  Vex because Fred Mitchell sent a voice note telling his Branch members to stay away.  Then vex because the PLP Ministers showed up at the march.  They even booed poor Leslie Miller who should have been accepted as an agent in their discontented cause.  Vex! Vex! Vex!  They are good at being vex but that’s about all.

We hope that being vex gets them somewhere.

For Mr. Henfield of course, it is a fillip for his political career.  He apparently wants to run for Parliament in Carmichael.  No doubt former Senator John Bostwick wants people to know that he is still relevant after his criminal conviction. Then there were others like Bishop Walter Hanchell who has given up on the church’s mission to save souls to be an outright optical agitator. He and the President of the Christian Council Ranford Patterson are on a roll for discontent. They are all vex and angry and spewing out venom.

Steve McKinney, the talk show host, was there with his bull horn. He was a promoter of the cause of vexation as well, dressing it up in grand statements about his loving our country and we have a right to speak.  Yes, we do have a right to speak once you pay the fee on his radio station for a few commercials.  You can get that right to speak.

The protestors threw everything and the kitchen sink as the government.  The government did not do this, didn’t do that.  It was a laundry list of complaints.  There are no doubt some real issues that need to be addressed and this is political advocacy at work.  An election is coming and they think the PLP is on the ropes so they want an election called now so that they can win and be done with Mr. Christie.

Let us tell them this though.  The PLP is going nowhere.  If you think that little horse and pony show you pulled off in Bay Street was something, wait until the PLP strikes back.  Hope you’re ready for it.

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11/29/15 10 AM

cialis usa ampoule times;”>Andre Rollins MP now knows that for the PLP the gloves are off.   Mr. Rollins who while a PLP had a modicum of protection while he was PLP but now that he is FNM if he says any shit, cialis sale search the PLP MPs will jump down his throat.  Jerome Fitzgerald started off by reminding him on 23rd November that  he has never been an FNM.  Mr. Rollins had so claimed.  He said with his tongue firmly in his cheek ( Mr. Fitzgerald that is ) no one can call me a political prostitute.  Well old André was beside himself and tried to get up but the Speaker told him forget it.  Dion Smith his buddy from St John’s College told him to sit his behind down.  The video is here to prove it.



09/13/15 1 PM

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discount viagra salve times;”>Putting two and two together and making it five…

A photograph was taken at the airport on arrival of the Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis in Georgetown, Exuma on 10 September.  At the airport to greet him as is the custom when a senior political figure arrives and the junior in status is present was the Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell.  On board the plane with the Deputy Prime Minister was Anthony Moss the MP for Exuma.  Mr. Mitchell was there attending for the second time the annual convocation with the community of Exuma on the future of their community and the question and answer period with Ministers of the Government.  Some 300 people attended the meeting.  That was the purpose and intent.  No more no less.

The reason this becomes important is that the times being what they are, people started putting two and two together and making it five, at least as far as Fred Mitchell, the MP for Fox Hill is concerned.  Not that it matters in its essence but it is annoying when so much has to be done in this country, when the fortunes of the PLP are to quote the brother of the Prime Minister Gary Christie “soft for the PLP”.

As Obie Wilchombe MP likes to say, the truth is there is a convention coming up.  The players are lining up for the stage with their backers and each is acting out their own strategy. The rumblings are for a leadership contest.  This columnist will believe it when it happens.  Not before.  The PLP does not seem to us to be that kind of organization.  It must be careful that it does not have the frog in the warm water problem.  If you put a frog in hot water, it will jump out immediately but being cold blooded, if you place it in cold water and gradually raise the temperature to boiling it will stay right in the water and die not realizing that the temperature is too high to sustain its life.

What are intelligent men and women to do, when they have a concern for the fate of their party and government?  The answer for some is to clearly sit and say nothing. The status quo must be maintained at all costs.

When Michael Heseltine, the former Defence Minister in Margaret Thatcher’s government, decided at the height of her primeministership to challenge her for the leadership of the party, he knew he may have been writing a suicide note politically and he was.  He ran and lost but in the end the leadership fight was so fractious that it broke the spirit of Mrs. Thatcher and she resigned and another election was called.  She gathered her forces behind John Major and defeated Mr. Heseltine when he ran again.  But change came.

In Jamaica, in Canada, we have examples where Prime Ministers decided in midterm they had had enough and arranged for their successor to be chosen and to have a decent period to put his or her stamp on the government then call a general election.

In Singapore, the great and admired Lee Kwan Yew stepped down and served in the Cabinet under his successor as the Senior Minister for a period before stepping out of public life.  It no doubt helped to cement his legacy and stabilize the government.

Then there is Robert Mugabe, who at the age of 89 ran for another six year term as President of Zimbabwe and won.  He is still serving today.  There is John Compton of St Lucia who came out of retirement as a former Prime Minister, took over the party and won again at the age of 83 but died three years later from a stroke.

In our own experience, Hubert Ingraham the former Prime Minister under the FNM, said he would leave after serving ten years or two terms.  He campaigned on it because he thought Sir Lynden who he retired at the age of 62 was there too long, twenty five years.  When the time came up so soon, he wanted to change his mind and tried every machination in the book to stay on.  He arranged a succession after being forced to do so, leaving a lame duck Tommy Turnquest as Leader elect.  The FNM went to general elections shattered by the fight and lost the general election.

Young Brent Dean, the Publisher of the Nassau Guardian, who is not Candia Dames, no FNM ideologue, who is from a PLP family, his grandfather being the late Frank Edgecombe former PLP MP writing in the Nassau Guardian in The National Review that Ministers of the government are on their knees in front of the present incumbent and no one will challenge him and that in the end, the incumbent will be there until he goes to the grave. The piece was thoughtful and interesting.

You have Raynard Rigby, highly educated and well trained man with a family of his own and his own business.  He says he wants a chance.  You have Obie Wilchcombe, a Minister of Tourism, who has been waiting in the wings since Sir Lynden Pindling died. He says he wants to have a chance.  You have Philip Davis who says he wants to have a chance.  He has been the go to man for everyone and anything for the PLP.  There is no intrinsic reason that disqualifies him.  He is waiting in the wings.

There is the pressure from the endless speculation, the protestations of Leslie Miller, the MP for Tall Pines who is PLP and who told the press last week that he is bothered that the incumbent wants to stay on.  You have Philip Galanis, a former PLP MP and Senator; you have George Smith, the former Minister.  Then you have the FNM.  You then have the country.

Right now this country is being cheated and distracted by this endless shouting and protesting and speculation.  There are miles to go before we sleep.  We are being done a great disservice by this public rowing and we need someone big enough to set the House back in some order.

The PLP has to win this general election.  The enemies of the PLP are vicious. If we lose, we are all sunk.  No jobs for PLPs.  Those who just got them will be fired.  Those who have contracts with the government be terminated.  Those who have been promised land and businesses will all have them cancelled.  That is the cold hard reality of the FNM coming to power. They are vicious and will not blink one second after they take over including moving to ruin the reputation and legacy of the PLP and its incumbent with a vengeance.  Keep fucking around and the PLP will find out the hard way.
This column is PLP.  Not an enemy of the PLP or the Prime Minister. It can only go so far with trying to indicate the warning signs of disaster looming on the present course.

Will some sane person please help?

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?Politics in The Bahamas is a very peculiar abstract of the Bahamian culture and history. Particularly in the dimension of the thorny politics of mobility in our political structure. The hereditary succession politics of our country are entrenched in our governing system. The undetermined question remains do political dynasties strengthen our democracy or weaken us? Our country’s political way of life continues to be saturated with powerful Bahamians connected to one another by blood or through marriage.


Political dynasties are a Bahamian tradition which places our electorate in a fatigue love affair with political royalties. It’s not unusual that politician’s children go into politics after all it is the family’s business. Nor is it remarkable, perhaps that so many politicians marry the children of politicians. To maintain and preserve the significance of their social composition. What is intriguing to me is the implication of these political anatomies on future generations. The retirement of H.E Sir Arthur Foulkes last year — and his son Dion Foulkes consecutive election losses and by extension Sen. Carl Bethel appointment in the Senate — set off debates over whether the ” Foulkes dynasty” was over, and whether the family embodied one of The Bahamas greatest dynasty in Bahamian politics.


What’s fascinating about Bahamian politics are its domination by frankly, being a family’s business The Symonette’s, The Foulkes’, The Pindling’s, The Christie’s, The Robert’s, The Turnquest’s, The Hanna’s, The Maynard’s, The Issac’s, and The Gomez’s with the exclusion of others. There is a profoundly notable shift in our dynastic politics, with the emergence of new families and leaving the older battling for suitability. There’s a formula that necessitates the description of a political dynasty succession, family and power. In larger countries, it would usually require a three generation rule, but The Bahamas is relatively a strong adolescent democracy so two generations would be satisfactory for the requirements. The power of these dynasties is measured with the clasp of electoral and ministerial offices each family has.


There is room for discussion as to why particular families would gravitate to public life, and it remains more uncertain why the voters choose members of the same families to represent them generation after generation. Political dynasties have long been present in our country’s democracy, up thrusting concerns with regard to the inequality of the distribution of political power and in some instances may reflect imperfections in our democratic representation. The continued participation of political elites may be an indication of differences in ability or political vocation across families and not entirely entrenched in power. Thus, in politics, power begets power.


The genetics of our politics are quite interesting; the son of Marvin Pinder is the Hon. Ryan Pinder M.P (Elizabeth), the Hon. Allyson Maynard, the Attorney General is the daughter of the Late Sir Clement T. Maynard the Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, The Former Prime Minister’s wife Dame Marguerite Pindling now serves as the Governor General of The Bahamas also her daughter Michelle M. Pindling-Sands had previously been a senator, and the late Sir Milo Butler, former governor general daughter is the Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner M.P (Long Island) the first female deputy leader of the Free National Movement. Four members of the Gomez’s family ran in the 2012 election two out of the four were elected now serving in the Cabinet of the Bahamas Damian Gomez and Perry Gomez.


 There are reasons to believe that the Bahamian electorate tends to show a benevolence towards dynasties because brand name identification is something valuable in the game of politics. There’s still an uncertainty on public office-seekers attainment on the basis of a famous name? There are circumstances where the electorate gives political royalists an easy election victory. The son of Sir. Orville Turnquest was elected to the House of Assembly and made Minister of National Security, and was defeated when he sought prime ministerial office. Brent Symonette’s first election probably can be attributed to his name as well as his brother Robert Symonette being the sons of Sir. Roland Symonette Premier of the Bahamas.


 Names in Bahamian politics bring some contentment to the voter in understanding the candidate running for office and reinforces privilege and exclusivity these families all share. The challenge the contemporary Bahamas may face with political dynasties re-circulation of rule, power, and influence is that it subsequently reduces diversity and innovation in the governing process of the country and supplement elitism. Political dynasties raise in The Bahamas is inevitable. Members of Parliament who enjoy a longer public life are significantly more likely to have a family entering into politics later continuing or creating a new family dynasty.


 We must be certain in our understanding of the motives and narratives surrounding any political family. Politicians coming from political families are dared with the challenge of maintaining and capturing their family’s legacy and their loyalty to the family, as well as independence from it. Many of them may be in frenzy who are shadowed forever by the family member who antedated them. Blood and Politics are tied to Bahamian history and have paved way female politicians – the daughter of the Sir. Arthur Dion Hanna Hon. Glenys Hanna MP (Englerston) became a cabinet minister. All these families have predominately shaped the Bahamas political environment, and will receive Bahamians continued support as long they advance the right political agenda. There’s nothing wrong with family politics, it is simply a reflection of these families a deep sense of commitment to public life, but we cannot disregard that a high proportion of power in one area is never good for a democracy. The nobility of these families dedication to building a better Bahamas can be misrepresented.


 The political talent and policy depth so evident in the first generation isn’t always present in the second generation, in part because it’s not as necessary to fuel the rise [to power].” Jeffrey Smith (former Missouri State Senator). These prominent political families in The Bahamas inherited an electoral and political advantage from their family’s political forebears. The families over the decades have and will continue to shape our political landscape. We must never forget that our greatest leaders were not a part of any political dynasty –The Rt.Hon. Hubert Ingraham nor Hon. Cynthia Mother Pratt. Despite how anyone may feel individually toward these families they deserve their acclamation for their continued engagement in their collective contribution to our politics and society.


University of International Business and Economics ( Beijing, China) ” Student Government President”


The Beijing University of International Business and Economics, founded in 1951, is a national public research university specialized in economics, finance,  trade , foreign policy , management, law and foreign languages located in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. UIBE is widely considered to be the leading Chinese university in economics, finance, and international business, as from 2011 to 2013 it ranked no. 2 among universities specialized on finance and economics.

QC Appointments Entirely Political

01/11/15 1 PM

cialis canada buy viagra times;”>The laugh of the week had to be the phony cries of wolf by the President of the Bar Council Ellsworth Johnson and Wayne Munroe, viagra one of the new Queen’s Counsel, announced last week by the Government.  Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wayne Munroe were tut-tutting the fact that the appointments were done on a political basis they said, particularly since Allyson Gibson, Philip Davis and Damien Gomez were all   cabinet ministers.   Well, we have got news for them; appointments to everything in The Bahamas are political.  A politician has to decide and even when you dress it up and say it’s the judges or the Bar that does it, it is still political.  If the Judges or the Bar do it, you know it will be weighted heavily in favour of the FNM as it is already.  God knows how half those people who have it already got it but for the political favour of Hubert Ingraham.  So the PLP is in power now and they have given it to whom they feel is deserving.  Is Mr. Munroe saying he is not deserving?  Is Mr. Johnson saying that the three politicians do not have the legal qualifications to get it?  Surely they jest? 

Political Protests At Junkanoo

01/04/15 1 PM

sildenafil pills times;”>The people who support the policy on illegal immigration seemed to  be having their say at Junkanoo with the demonstration below indicating their disposition toward civic activist Fred Smith. Another group headed by the political jack-in-the-box Rodney Moncur used the occasion to encourage the authorities to start hanging murderers.  Interestingly enough that twit Fred Smith QC now wants the government to pass a law to make it unlawful for this kind of protest to take place on a Junkanoo parade. An interesting double standard. He and his front man on Facebook, former Trib editor Paco Nunez claim that this shows hatred in The Bahamas.  But not apparently the same standard is to be applied when loony tune Fred Smith says that immigration officers are running Auschwitz in The Bahamas or are committing ethnic cleansing.  That is not hate speech.  Fucking jackasses. Fred Smith deserves what he gets.




11/30/14 1 PM

cialis sale treatment times;”>elcottTHIS WEEK IN THE BAHAMAS (24 – 29 NOV 2014)



Touring the $14 million radar system and new tower that’s in its final stages of construction, Prime Minister Christie reflected on how this new radar system with its 160 square miles spanning capability would dramatically improve the operations at the air traffic control tower and the international airport generally.


“Today, what we are witnessing is a dramatic change in what we had in the past. This would improve the operations of the international airport and make the job of the air traffic controllers and other employees in this section more manageable.”

Minister of Transport and Aviation, the Hon. Glenys Hanna-Martin said she was excited to see that the new radar installation was almost complete and looked forward to making good on the government’s commitment to improve the country’s aviation sector.

In addition to monitoring weather conditions, the completed radar system will include a 3-D training simulator, positioning The Bahamas to become a regional training center for air traffic controllers.


The tour took place on Monday at the Lynden Pindling International Airport in Nassau.



Joining its fellow CARICOM member countries, The Bahamas launched its Agriculture Policy Program on Monday.

Bringing remarks was Agriculture, Marine Resources and Local Government Minister, Hon. V. Alfred Gray who reiterated the objectives and components of the policy programme under the auspices of his ministry’s Trade and Policy Unit. He stressed that a stronger policy framework to support local agriculture producers is a principal objective of this policy programme.

“I believe that at the end of this Agriculture Policy Programme, we will have a strengthened policy framework that will support small agriculture producers in The Bahamas, the Caribbean, and indeed throughout this region.”


He continued that “in The Bahamas, we already know that we are not able to produce enough local mutton to meet domestic demand. I look forward therefore to the innovations that the researchers will come up with in order to enable small livestock farmers to increase production levels in an ever changing climatic environment.”

The ultimate objective of the programme is to reduce poverty by ensuring that small producers are integrated into national, regional and international markets. The Ministry of Agriculture, BAIC and BAMSI are all expected to play pivotal roles in this project which will be implemented over a period of 45 months. 

The three programme components are as follow:

1.    Policy and strategy –  focuses on agricultural policy and will be led by CARICOM

2.    Applied research – will be lead by CARDI and focuses on building human capacity, improving stock of genetic material and transforming to climate smart agricultural systems

3.    Enterprise development – this component will be led by IICA and will focus on building capacity, networking and effective engagement with markets for small producers




Preachers Want To Form A Political Party

09/21/14 1 PM

An honest and reasonable belief does not make that belief true. The preachers who gathered in the gallery in black at the House of Assembly a few weeks ago to protest the gambling bill are said to be headed toward forming a political party.  They do not believe that there is any hope in any of the existing parties.  Their numbers are said to include Alfred Stewart, discount viagra buy Patrick Paul, viagra generic and former Christian Council President.  Both voted for the DNA in the last general election.  Others may include Lyall Bethel of Grace Gospel Chapel, decease brother of FNM Senator Carl Bethel and also Pastor Cedric Moss.