PLP Congratulates The Government On Election Anniversary

PLP Chair Bradley Roberts 6 May 2016 The Progressive Liberal Party congratulates the government of The Bahamas on its fourth anniversary in government officially on 7th May 2016. The incredible progress our country has made over this short period of time reflects the indomitable spirit and confidence of the Bahamian people. I am proud of […]

What Were These Policemen Thinking

They have disgraced themselves.  They have disgraced the Force. They were called to the scene of  a robbery at one of BTC’s shops in Nassau. Two policemen answered the call. Then for some inexplicable reason, they stole cell phones from the store valued at 435 dollars.  It was all caught on video tape.  They were arrested.  They denied it.  When showed […]


We support the statement of Bradley Roberts MP on the statement ,made by Leslie Miller last week about transgender people and gays and lesbians being put on an island and exiled there.  Ryan Pinder MP went so far on his Facebook page to condemn the statement as well.  Mr. Miller  last week walked back the statement somewhat saying […]


HMBS Coral Harbour – In a climate where global peace is increasingly fragile, and criminal activities pervade transnational borders too easily, intentional regional and international synergy is vitally important, particularly within the realm of national security.Hence, for the last two years, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, along with members of the United States Northern Command […]